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A very compact, powerful pump which is ideal for the hard life of working boats. This pump can lift up to 130 litres per minute (to free outlet) and is available for 12 and 24 V.

The motor has double roller bearings, and a mechanical seal virtually eliminates shaft wear. This, together with water cooling, helps to ensure many years of trouble free life with very low power consumption.
Artikkelnr. Max capac. l/min Hose conn. inch Max dia mm Max height mm Amp Voltage Fuse Amp Pris (NOK)
41103008 130  1 1/8", 1 1/2"  108  177  7.5  12 V  12  0,00
Motor/drev: All
41103009 130  1 1/8", 1 1/2"  108  177  4.5  24 V  0,00
Motor/drev: All

Volvo Penta
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