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Volvo Penta's unique combination and concentration of additives and corrosion inhibitors gives maximum corrosion protection while reducing coolant cavitation inside heat exchangers and other coolant passages. There is no other coolant available that will outperform and outlast this formula. This ethylene glycol based antifreeze includes no nitrate or amino acids making it less toxic to the environment. The normal mixing ratio is 50% antifreeze, 50% water. The maximum protection against freezing is -56C (-69F) with a 60% antifreeze 40% water mixture.
Artikkelnr. Quantity Note Pris (NOK)
381081 Gallon, case of 6  1)  0,00
Motor/drev: All
3810287 55 gallon drum  1)  0,00
Motor/drev: All

(1) Not sold in all markets.

Volvo Penta
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Volvo Penta Action Service


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