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Volvo Penta coolant gives vastly superior corrosion protection in comparison with non-branded products. It also has good anti-freeze properties. The coolant is specially tested in Volvo engines and is recommended for fresh water cooled engines. Ideal for modern engines (diesel and petrol) since the coolant contains additives that protect aluminium and aluminium alloys. Its characteristics also make it suitable for winter engine protection. When mixing the coolant with water, only use clean, high quality water.
Artikkelnr. Quantity Pack Pris (NOK)
1141645 1 L  Plastic bottle  0,00
Motor/drev: All
1141646 5 L  Plastic bottle  0,00
Motor/drev: All
1141647 210 L  Metal barrel  0,00
Motor/drev: All

Volvo Penta
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